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Wild Iris Books payment deferment information

The following information comes directly from Wild Iris books, concerning payment deferment for students on scholarships and financial aid. Be very nice to Dotty and everyone at Wild Iris Books . . . I will hear about it if you aren't.
Wild Iris Books
Deferment Payment Program
Wild Iris Books will honor University of Florida students' request to defer payment of their required textbooks until they have received their financial aid funds. To participate in Wild Iris Books Deferment Payment Program the following are required:
1. Student must bring in a copy of their award letter. We cannot make copies.
2. Student must have identification, a driver's license is preferred.
3. Student must have either a credit card or a personal check. If credit card, we will imprint the card on a voucher and have the student sign the voucher. If check, student will write the check for the amount and sign the check. In the event that the student does not return to pay for textbooks within the agreed upon time we will process the credit card or deposit the check.
4. Students will sign an agreement that they promise to pay for their textbooks upon receiving their financial aid.
5. Wild Iris Books Deferred Payment Program is consistent with other local bookstores that sell textbooks and offer deferment. Only the UF HUB Bookstore has electronic access to students' funds which insures that they will receive payment for textbooks when students receive their financial aid.
6. Deferments for Spring Term end on January 9, 2003. This is consistent with the UF HUB Bookstore Textbook Deferred Payment Program.
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