AML 2070.0541 Assignments
2/3-2/14/03 (Weeks 5-6)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
Reading quizzes can and will occur at any time during the course. Listserve assignments/topics will be e-mailed as necessary.
»»WEEK 5 (2/4 & 2/6/03) -- for this week, have read all of Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.
»»WEEK 6 (2/11 & 2/13/03)-- if you haven't already, begin reading Djuna Barnes' novel Nightwood. As I've indicated previously, Barne's novel marks a moment of "high Modernism" in U.S. literature -- whatever techniques we encountered in Dos Passos and Faulkner we see intensified in Barnes. This novel is complex in terms of both the story it tells and the techniques it uses to tell it . . . and if you're big on Freud and Jung, you can have great fun with this book. But it's a head-twister, so don't wait until the last minute.
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