ENGL 101.009/011 Assignments
9/13-9/24/04 (Weeks 3-4)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
Here are the updated assignments for the next two weeks. Be sure to make at least ten copies of the Active Reading Guidesheet before you start your readings. You do not have to use the Guidesheet when reading the Introductions; use them only for the actual articles.
»»WEEK 3 (9/13-9/17/04)

  • for MONDAY September 13

    Have read, taken notes on, and be ready to discuss:
    -- in HH Chapter 7 "Thinking, Reading and Writing Critically," pp.131-151. Use these pages and their examples of annotating to help you with reading the selections from Signs of Life in the U.S.A.
    -- in SoL, Introduction to Ch.1, pp.45-54 (skip last paragraph "The Readings" on p.54)
    -- in SoL Anne Norton "The Signs of Shopping" pp.62-68

  • for WEDNESDAY September 15

    Have read, taken notes on, and be ready to discuss:
    -- in SoL Thomas Hine "What's In A Package?" pp.69-79
    -- in SoL Jennifer Scanlon "Boys-R-Us" pp.472-81

  • for FRIDAY September 17

    Have read, taken notes on, and be ready to discuss:
    -- in SoL Susan Willis "Disney World: Public Use/Private State"
    We will gather our thoughts and begin discussing topics for Paper #1 in class. I will have either a handout or a website with topic and assignment parameters. Begin gathering your ideas and generating a tentative thesis over the weekend.

    »»WEEK 4 (9/20-9/24/04)

  • for MONDAY September 20

    -- read in HH Ch.4 "Composing an Essay" pp.44-68
    -- read in HH Ch.9 "Writing an Argumentative Essay" pp.171-90
    -- We will begin outlining and drafting an early draft of Paper #1. I will assign you to peer groups.
    -- Type out and bring to class your tentative thesis; bring at least 3 copies (one for me, two for your group). Also, bring in any ideas or evidence (from the SoL readings or elsewhere) that you want to use in your paper; help each other in your groups to evaluate your proposed evidence, and possibly suggest changes.

  • for WEDNESDAY September 22

    we will work in groups to develop your outline and draft

  • for FRIDAY September 24

    we will work in groups to develop your draft

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