ENC 1102.1719 Homepage
Fall 1999

Instructor: Nick Melczarek
Office: 4303-D Turlington
Office hours: MW 6th Period & by appt.
Department 'phone: 392-0777
Office 'phone: 392-6650 ext.295
e-mail: nickym@melczarek.net
(remember -- no attachments)
MWF Per 2 (8:30 - 9:20 a.m.)
Rolfs 114

This page will be your source for access to on-line information (assignments, e-handouts, help sites, etc.), an on-line version of the syllabus and class policies, as well as other nefarious Web hooplah. E-mail and class listserves, as it turns out, are best not accessed from Netscape, but rather directly from the e-mail program (selectable from the menu bar on the desktop).

Currently, this site is still under construction; it will be more developed, but never actually complete, since I will often update information on upcoming assignments on a regular basis (so, parts of it will always be in a state of perpetual change). Once everyone in the class has a little more Web experience, I will expect you to check this site regularly for such updates.

Note: once the class has settled into a stable population, I'll issue computer accounts for us to use while in the computer classroom. Please be patient while we wait for drop-add to recede.


  • COURSE RESERVE MATERIAL: We now have materials (short stories, poems) on reserve through the UF Library Course Reserve site. Follow the link to the UF Libraries Homepage and click on "Course Reserve"; then follow the easy directions to find on-line readings for class which you can print out from either your home computer or a terminal in Library West. (If you're loading from home, you'll need to download Adobe Acrobat, which is easy and fast, to read the scanned materials. If you encounter difficulty during any part of this process, call the UF Libraries helpdesk at 392-0361.)
  • ASSIGNMENTS/UPDATES LIST: All syllabus updates will now be placed on their own page, the Assignments/Updates page. I'll still hand out paper copies, but just in case, the information will be available on-line as well.
    Course Syllabus Class Policies Terms 1
    UF Library Homepage
    (for Course Reserve material)

    Ciao, amici studenti!