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During the course of the semester, you will compose a series of brief reaction papers of about 2 pages (no fiddling with margins or font size to weasel 1 page into 2 pages, either!) for the most recent long work for that section: The Bacchae, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Sun Also Rises, Giovanni's Room, M.Butterfly, End Zone In this brief reaction, I'd like you to address one or more of the following considerations:

  • your understanding of the discussion about masculinity that the novel/play presents
  • what concept we discussed in the novel/play that is particularly new to you, and your thoughts on that concept now after discussing it in class
  • what you've learned about yourself from reading and discussing this book.

    Please give these items some thought, and actually spend some time on these reactions. Reactions should be clearly typed/printed, double-spaced, and stapled; put your name and the course number on it (ENGL 300); remember also to include the title of the novel/play. Don't wait til just before class to do this, either--I can tell, and I penalize hasty or slipshod work.

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