ENGL 383.001/002 Assignments
5/2 - 5/11/05 (Weeks 15-16 & Final Exam)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
»»WEEK 15 (5/2 - 5/6/05)

  • for MONDAY May 2

    -- have read Toni Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye, including the "Afterword" where Morrison discusses many of her themes in the novel.
    -- in addition, have a look at this Dick and Jane site, and follow the links to see visually what Morrison refers to in the opening of many sections of The Bluest Eye. (This site actually sells Dick & Jane books, so don't accidentally buy one. I'll have an actual Dick & Jane text on hand to show you in class -- as well as Mary Janes!) Think of the impact such visual images could have on Black children (or any child who didn't fit the norm presented in these images: poor kids, gay kids, single-parent kids, girls, etc.)

  • for WEDNESDAY May 4

    -- we'll continue with The Bluest Eye.

  • for FRIDAY May 6

    -- we'll finish with The Bluest Eye.

    »»WEEK 16 (5/9 & 5/11/05)

  • for MONDAY May 9

    -- Exploratory Research Paper due: see the Exploratory Research Paper assignment site for details/reminders.

  • for WEDNESDAY May 11

    -- quiz on The Bluest Eye, & course evaluations.

    Section 001 (MWF 9:00 class) Final Exam Monday May 16 8-10 a.m. in same room
    Section 002 (MWF 12:00 class) Final Exam Tuesday May 17 10:15-12:15 p.m. in same room

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