ENGL 383.001/002 Assignments
2/21-3/4 (Weeks 5-6)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
»»WEEK 5 (2/21 - 2/25/05)

  • for MONDAY February 21

    come Hell or high water, we're finishing Ann Petry's bio notes and short story "Like a Winding Sheet", and Robert Hayden's bio notes and poems "Middle Passsage" and "Runagate, Runagate"

  • for WEDNESDAY February 23

    Quiz on material we've covered thus far (identification, etc.)
    -- we'll also begin discussing cultural background material reflected in Ellison's Invisible Man
    -- have read and/or listened to the following material in the Norton Anthology:

  • "Run, Nigger, Run" p.29,
  • Abel Meerpol' "Strang Fruit" p.45 (CD 1 track 22)
  • "St. Louis Blues" p.56, "Good Morning Blues" p.48 (CD 1 rack 12)
  • Duke Ellington,"It Don't Mean a Thing" p.66, (CD 1 Track 20)
  • Abdy Razaf, "Black and Blue" p.67 (CD 1 Track 21)
  • Brer Rabbit tales, pp.142-149

  • for FRIDAY February 25

    We'll complete our cultural introduction and begin with Ellison's Invisible Man

    »»WEEK 6 (2/28 - 3/4/05)

  • for MONDAY February 28

    Ellison's Invisible Man

  • for WEDNESDAY March 2

    Ellison's Invisible Man

  • for FRIDAY March 4

    Ellison's Invisible Man

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