ENGL 386.001/.002 American Women Writers of Color
-- Paper # 1 Assignment --

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Paper 1 Assignment:
Pick a theme from the list below, and in a paper of 2,500-3,000 words, compare/contrast how that theme is treated through three different authors, choosing one poem, one essay, and one novel from different writers we have covered so far. You must choose from the works we have read for class.
List of themes:
  • women of color placed in confinement or in isolation (from each other, from the world, etc.)
  • modes or conventions of "femininity" that don't translate into a new environment
  • construction of "women of color" by a dominant gaze (racist, patriarchal, classist, sexist)
  • the importance of "telling" and speaking/writing (storytelling, personal history, etc.) to connect generations of women of color

  • For pertinent critical vocabulary and terms to help your discussion, see the Terms and Concepts site.
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