ENGL 386.001/002 Assignments
9/13-9/24/04 (Weeks 3-4)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
Course Reserve Materials: For reasons of time, convenience, and expense -- especially expense -- I have placed all the course readings not found in our anthology The Woman That I Am on one-hour course reserve in the Blackwell Library. Accessing this material is easy: Do not wait until the last minute to check out and photocopy these items. If the necessary items are all checked out, go to the photocopiers and ask the other students there whether any of them are photocopying materials for my class.
»»WEEK 3 (9/13-9/17/04)

  • for MONDAY September 13

    Have read:
    -- (handout) Sucheta Mazumdar's essay "A Woman-Centered Perspective on Asian American History." We'll connect this material to the general material we've read to date (Lugones, Lorde, Sethi)
    -- (handout) Kitty Tsui's poem "Chinatown Talking Story"

  • for WEDNESDAY September 15

    Have photocopied & read from course reserve "Collection 1" in the library:
    -- Sonia Shah brief essay "Asian American?" (also available online!)
    -- Renee E. Tajima essay "Lotus Blossoms Don't Bleed: Images of Asian Women" (also available online!)
    -- Connie Young Yu essay "The World of Our Grandmothers" (also available online!)

  • for FRIDAY September 17

    We'll wrap up this week's readings, and continue with our discussion of Asian-American women's history to prepare our discussions of Maxine Hong Kingston's novel The Woman Warrior next week. If you haven't started reading The Woman Warrior, do so now.

    »»WEEK 4 (9/20-9/24/04)

  • for MONDAY September 20

    The Woman Warrior ("No Name Woman," "White Tigers," "Shaman")

  • for WEDNESDAY September 22

    The Woman Warrior ("Shaman," "At the Western Palace")

  • for FRIDAY September 24

    The Woman Warrior ("At the Western Palace," "Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe")

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