HUM 2450.B01/.B02
American Humanities
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Summer 2004 / sections B01 and B02
Links to course lecture notes appear below, listed by lecture date. At present, lecture notes appear as HTML; use buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate between pages.
WARNING: my providing these notes on-line does not excuse you from attending class. The exams will include material from Framing America, the online notes, and class lectures/discussions (which often fill in in gaps in the book or notes, or include additional material).
06/30/04 "Discovery and Colonization"
07/01/04 "God, Devils and Work"
07/06/04 "Early Slavery in America"
07/08/04 "Building the 'Enlightened' Republic" Part 1
07/13/04 "Building the 'Enlightened' Republic" Part 2
07/15/04 "Building the 'Enlightened' Republic" Part 3
07/19/04 "Defining 'Americanness'" Part 1
07/21/04 "Defining 'Americanness'" Part 2
"Women Emerging"
"Abolition & Emancipation"
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