ENGL 102.022/025 Assignments
2/21 - 3/2/05 (Weeks 5-6)

Assignments can be updated at needs/speed of the class; you will be notified of updates by e-mail, and are responsible for checking the page after notification.
»»WEEK 5 (2/21 & 2/23/05)

  • for MONDAY February 21

    Have read, taken notes on, and be ready to discuss:
    -- M pp.93-109 (elements of fiction), H 726-32 (53c Writing on Fiction)
    -- in Casebook Joyce Carol Oates' story "Where Are You Going, Where Have you Been?" C critical essays

  • for WEDNESDAY February 9

    On your own, read in H 264-74 (14 a-d summary, quotation, paraphrase), 667 (49b [4] annotated bibliography)
    -- have read also the critical essays on the story in the Casebook for us to discuss in class, and to prep you for your research paper project, and for the annotated bibliography due next week
    I should also have returned to you for revision your rough draft of Essay #1 (Drama), to revise for next week as well.

    »»WEEK 4 (2/28 & 3/2)

  • for MONDAY February 28

    -- FINAL DRAFT ESSAY #1 (Drama) due
    -- also, have read 205-08 (10g-l research note-taking), 18-22 (2b thesis), 98-115 (6b-d Žs), 176-79 (9b evidence), 27-43 (3a-d drafting) so we can begin to discuss the research paper.

  • for WEDNESDAY March 2

    -- we'll discuss the research paper further

  • Annotated bibliography of critical essays on Oates' "WAYG,WHYB?" due to my office by Friday at 4 p.m.
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