AML 3271.1188 African American Literature
Survey 2 (1940 - present)
-- Paper Assignment --

»»Paper due Friday 15 June, by 4 p.m., in my mailbox (Turlington Hall 4th floor), stapled, with cover sheet and Works Cited page. We will not meet for class that day.

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»»Paper Rationale & Assignment

As stated on the paper copy of the syllabus, the 8-10 page paper for this course is designed to reflect your comprehension of and responsible engagement with course topics and literature through textual evidence and extra-textual critique.

Given the easy availability of collegiate papers for sale either on the Internet or through any of hundreds of other sources, as well as the pressures on college students to "perform" (i.e. grades vs. an "education"), I've sadly found it necessary to assign paper topics. I still believe, however, that course papers rather than informational exams are students' best opportunites to display what they can creatively do with the given information and approaches of a course; therefore, I've allowed for (and encourage) as much lattitude as possible within the available topics. Remeber, however, that you're producing a scholarly paper, not a piece of "creative writing." Scholarly work has its own sense of creativity, yes, but the two rhetorics are not necessarily the same. Be serious about both the work you do and the fun you have with it.

Choose one of the following options to create an 8-10 page paper (30% of your course grade):