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1101.1661/1665 Homepage
Fall 1997

Instructor: Nick Melczarek
Office: 4214 Turlington
Office hours: MW 12-1 p.m. & by appt.
Department 'phone: 392-0777
Office 'phone: 392-6650 ext.302
e-mail: amelczar@ucet.ufl.edu

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The New Plan

This page will be your source for access to on-line information (assignments, e-handouts, help sites, etc.), an on-line version of the syllabus and class policies, as well as other nefarious Web hooplah. E-mail and class listserves, as it turns out, are best not accessed from Netscape, but rather directly from the e-mail program (selectable from the menu bar on the desktop).

Currently, this site is still under construction; it will be more developed, but never actually complete, since I will often update information on upcoming assignments on a regular basis (so, parts of it will always be in a state of perpetual change). Once everyone in the class has a little more Web experience, I will expect you to check this site regularly for such updates, as well as eventually contribute material of your own to the site.


  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PAPER'S FORMAT: I have received papers which are single-spaced; too lightly printed; with wider margins than stipulated; with misplaced and/or incorrect headers and/or multiple-page headers. AFTER MONDAY, 15 SEPTEMBER, ANY PAPER NOT MEETING ALL THE PHYSICAL FORMAT REQUIREMENTS STIPULATED IN THE "FORMATTING" SECTION OF THE CLASS POLICIES SHEET/SITE WILL BE RETURNED WITHOUT BEING READ, AND WILL BE CONSIDERED A LATE ASSIGNMENT. No ifs, ands, buts, or excuses.

  • LATEST ASSIGNMENT(S): Henceforth, assignments can be checked on the Assignments page. See also the Old Assignments Archive.

  • HOME ACCESS: If you have a computer at home and wish to access your 1101 account from there, the NWE page has information on how to do so in their FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) site. Since there are almost uncountable different systems out in e-dom, there is no standard answer to "How do I get to this from home?" You will most likely have to physically bring yourself to campus, access the NWE here, and either print out the info or record the website and try that from home.

  • NWE HANDBOOK: A handbook for the NWE -- filled with information, FAQs, etc. -- is available on-line. USE IT. If you would like a paper ("hard") copy, you can purchase one at Goering's Book Store on University Avenue (the north-east-most corner of campus) for $15.


    Whenever you encounter problems using either e-mail or Netscape (for the WWW), try some troubleshooting of your own: open Netscape, and when the NWE page appears, access either route to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) site. The NWE staff have anticipated many of the difficulties you may experience, and have provided answers and solutions. If you don't find an applicable FAQ, you can always e-mail them from that site (their link works).

    Ciao, amici studenti!